Small Business

Sound Advocates Law Group assists small business owners in taking steps to help grow and protect their business.  If you are a small business owner, Sound Advocates Law Group is here to help with the full range of your legal needs.  We can help small business owners choose the right entity form for their new business, serve as general counsel, negotiate on behalf of your business, litigate to protect your legal rights, or defend you from legal claims.  Contact one of our attorneys today to schedule an initial consultation.


Choosing the best form of business entity for your new venture is critical to maximizing your new business’s potential over the long term. Which entity is best for you will vary depending on your individual circumstances and needs. Amongst common entity forms, your business might be best suited to be formed as a Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), or Partnership (Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership). Each provides varying benefits and can have very different tax implications for your business. Corporations are subject to double taxation, meaning that the corporation pays tax at the corporate level and the shareholders pay tax on any dividends paid by the corporation. Partnerships are pass-through entities, meaning that the partnership is not taxed, and income is taxed only on the partner level. LLC’s are flexible entities that can be taxed as a corporation or as a partnership. In order to choose the best entity for you, please contact one of our attorneys to schedule an initial consultation.


Many small businesses have constant need of legal services. Whether it is negotiating agreements with vendors, drafting employment documents or contracts, representing your business in administrative hearings and proceedings, or protecting your business’s legal rights, Sound Advocates Law Group can add significant value to your business by serving as general counsel. We assist small businesses with the full range of their legal needs and strive to provide high quality work product in a cost-effective and timely manner. If your business needs general counsel, please contact one of our business law attorneys today.